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Idaho Quinoa

Welcome to your source for the best USA grown quinoa

Our Story
A Dream
Teton Mills Idaho Quinoa was started as a dream to provide a gluten-free crop for Idaho Farmers to raise.  With low commodity prices and corprate farming moving in we wanted to provide small farmers in the area a crop that would give them a good return. 

Farmer Partners 
Teton Mills Idaho Quinoa is raised sustainably in Idaho by growers committed to providing the best quinoa for your customers. We keep a careful eye on the practices used to cultivate our quinoa, from conventional and organic farmers to the biodynamic acres we have, all of our growers are committed to sustainable practices and want their farm to continue on for generations to come. 

Sustainable Quality
Teton Mills has been producing Idaho Quinoa for almost 10 years and with the recent expansion of our production facility, we use the latest in technology to process our quinoa to your requirements. 

Our Idaho Quinoa is a no-rinse quinoa. That means it is virtually saponin-free, so you can count on it to never be bitter. With our waterless process we are friendlier to the environment. 

With our Idaho Quinoa you can expect the same size profile and whiteness as you would expect from any quinoa out of South America.  

By using our Idaho Quinoa, you can reduce your carbon footprint from products imported from South America.  

Teton Mills is a SQF certified facility and goes to great lengths to secure food safety. 
We track every shipment with lot code verification and can trace every pallet to the farm that produced the quinoa. 
We use third party testing for your assurance from heavy metals to mycotoxin and have the needed Certificates of Conformance and Analysis that your company requires. 
Being a facility located in the United States we provide the stability and consistency of supply that will help keep your prices stable year after year. 
Teton Mills LLC
2329 East Endeavor Road
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
Give us a call or send an email. 
Let's see how we can improve your quinoa experience!